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Every entrepreneur wishes to elevate their business to greater heights and to reach a global audience. Most businesses dream to have an international space for their venture, as it helps in extending sales into new markets and reducing the dependence on one set of market, which is very important in our dynamic business environment.

MIG provides everything you need, under the sun, to set-up and run a business successfully anywhere around the globe. We are highly chosen and a supportive ally for businesses. Our professional consulting setup is swift and comfortable, while never compromising on quality.

Apart from this, we also serve you with Bank accounts, visa, PRO service, MEA & MOFA Attestation and any other legal requirement arising for the company’s necessity. Business set-up in the international market is a gig to lift the economy on a high summit. MIG provides the best legal services to give a concrete outcome to its clients. We make sure your business can tackle any barrier coming its way from incorporating the business to set it up along with relevant licenses, regulations, and certifications.

We offer a full rainbow of company formation services. The complexities of setting up an entity can vary considerably from country to country and state to state. Each location has its own laws, administrative procedures and mandatory regulations, etc, that determines how fast a company can legally commence its’ business. All such procedures can be taken care of entirely by MIG as we are the experts in incorporating companies in over 40+ countries and we provide a complete one-stop solution including licenses/certifications from the government.

Import and export is a beneficial way to pair up a bond with various countries. By this give and take business policy the society would be flavoured with a taste of versatility, as the products of different countries can be spread among all other provinces which bring a good blend of cultures.

We provide support in foreign by building your international business with a 100% guarantee and free Import Export Code (IEC). We directly work on your products and goals. With 12 years of trust and experience in consulting, we provide 100% career assistance and free consulting forever. Our services also include document assistance, custom clearance, logistic support, etc. throughout the world.

We believe we are the right fit to assist you with entering the world of foreign trade. MIG helps you be a pro in import-export trade and expand your business worldwide. Be it initiated with a single product or be it multiple products, we will support you step by step in every legal matter related to trade or service. Furthermore, we also provide buyers with data and lifetime support, to help you push start your sales in the foreign market.

Being an expert in import and export trade, we offer exceptional legal services including, but not limited to, Export Duty Drawback for Customs, Central Excise, restricted entry licensing, Service Tax, Duty-Free Import Authorization, Zero duty EPCG (Export Promotion Capital Goods) Scheme, Post Export EPCG Duty Credit Scrip Scheme, logistics and much more.

Moving overseas as a student or ex-pat is a highly chosen option in order to obtain a higher standard of living and a higher rate of growth. People do not get enough educational facilities and job opportunities in their own country at times. Such people are like shipwrecked sailors who have the hope to live but don’t have the compass to step towards their goals. Many brilliant talents are lost due to this problem.

MIG helps such students or people looking for jobs, to choose from the best overseas opportunities with the help of a team of professionals who have adequate knowledge of all rules and regulations which will help clients save time and money at the same time.

We have a strong presence around the world in over 40+ countries, which makes us more confident and efficient. Be it a higher professional degree or settling down, migrating to a better country isn’t an opportunity to be lost.

Foreign countries fascinate and welcome visionary, creative, and young talent. Aspects like higher income, learning from innovative companies, growing work opportunities, a fancy lifestyle and liberal government of foreign countries have been attracting the juvenile and talented minds to opt for studying or settling in abroad.
According to the recent statistics of the past decade, the International Permanent Residency Status, popularly known as PR status is one of the main reasons why people are moving overseas and this number is rapidly growing.

Digital Marketing will remain as the most eminent way of marketing in the coming future. Online marketing would be a more accessible way to illustrate the business and its’ significant manners with a more reliable swing as per market trends.

In today’s world, digital marketing is an essential tool to help stand out from the crowd. Our Digital Marketing team helps you to improve new traffic, get more leads and sales for your company by helping you reach out to people looking for your products and services.

MIG is a specialist in the web world marketing and deals in major sectors like Blogging, Content writing and marketing, online featured news, Google AdWords, Inbound marketing, SEO, Social media management and marketing, influencer marketing, content strategizing, building your digital brand or even running digital campaigns.
According to a survey (by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)), India will have around 900 million internet users by June 2021. This will create massive business opportunities to reach a growing population of tech-savvy users.

Every business, from start-ups to big corporations, need to procure a huge corpus of funds and resources dedicated to marketing. Digital marketing makes this easier and gives you the expanse to reach out to many more customers at the same time and that too, within the modified budget.

To accelerate the pedal of being famous, a business needs to be based on a strong teamwork bond. MIG is one of the best overseas manpower recruitment services always hiring the right talent for various leading organizations across the world.

Further, we are delighted to provide with you an option to begin your career overseas in global development and social engagement with our job forums. We assist you in building your career and searching for the best opportunities for you in renowned companies with a suitable environment. We help you build an impactful profession in international venues.

MIG also allows talented professionals to get connected to the companies directly. The idea is to help you choose which company offer to accept before you land in the abroad. We also provide clients with excellent training and fine study material to achieve the highest success rates.

Sign up with us and our company will shortlist desirable options for you to choose from. We are also ready with the additional help that you would need, including, documentation to assist you with our Human Resources team, reference check or legal documentation and contract attestation at the time of overseas relocation.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

Education makes the world better and the future brighter. By keeping learning, one can upgrade themselves day by day. Today’s lifestyle is cycled upon the online frame; everything seems to be much easier to achieve or to handle by using this E-platform. So the educational system is also available on your screens and in your pocket; you need to have the hunger of knowledge, and the online platform is here to gratify your study thirst.

E-learning can also be termed as a network-enabled transfer of experiences and learning. It is a means to offer education to a large number of recipients at the same or variable time. Earlier, it was not admitted wholeheartedly as it was assumed that this system lacked the human element required in learning. However, with the speedy growth in technology and the advancement in learning systems, it is now embraced by the volumes.

In today’s world, eLearning offers many advantages to both learners and companies. Whether you’re an eLearning specialist or newcomer, there’s no doubt that its demand has been boosted in multiples over the past decade. For companies, it offers an affordable, time-efficient way to train employees. In reimbursement, employees avail convenient training that improves their experiences, skills and knowledge. The demand for an eLearning solution is here to stay. MIG helps businesses and organizations to train their employees to increase efficiency and productivity, or their customers to enhance adoption and establishment of the goods or services offered. We make sure you make the best use of this increasing demand for eLearning. The need for eLearning solutions show no signs of fading, with the market expected to reach $275 billion by 2022.

Old days are gone now it’s time to run on the Digital online world. The only hurdle to start an online money-inventor is finding an accurate idea. Rightly of all, unlike a brick-and-mortar business, you don’t need a lot of start-up capital. You can easily start an online business with no capital as many free services facilitated online.

If a newcomer entrepreneur needs to run the show with today’s generation, he/ she surely needs to conquer the digital world first. The only barrier to starting an online money-making journey is finding the right idea. Online entrepreneurs usually handle the online spectrum of the company by maintaining the web platforms and create a digital product store; create a brand on social media platforms, work as a freelancer online, start a YouTube channel, start a blog, buy and sell domain names, market research, and a lot more.

We will help you to find your inner passion out and turn into an online a platform like setting up an eCommerce store, write and publish an eBook, affiliate marketing, create and sell handmade items, Create a digital product store, Work as a freelancer online, Start a YouTube channel, Start a blog, Buy and sell the domain names, Market research lots more.

In today’s tech-driven society, no reason resists you to start a profitable business from the comfort of your living room. There’s no shortage of perks of remote working, but everything comes at a price, so in this stage, the online entrepreneurs generally come across such phases that could harm their business. With an online store comes the responsibility of tech security, of the company, and even the users. MIG provides the support for the same, including having influential tech and internet handling teams, or policies and agreements for your website. We keep your business safe on the internet by handling all online issues.

Our highly experienced team provide you immediate results and improves performance which boosts an organization’s efficiency or helps them to come up with innovative new product or services. Running a business takes time and effort, along with those various challenges that come up every day. It’s almost an infinite list on the road to get the outcomes and success you endeavour for. MIG specializes in business operations and business development to help companies obtain critical bottom-line results. We have been in the business for over 5 years, helping manufacturing, distribution, and professional services with the motive of growth and profit.

We are selling certainty in an uncertain world, which helps an organization to rethink their business and identify to grow currently and for future expansion. By assisting companies diagnoses the cause of their biggest challenges and provide them with a creative customised solution. Business Consulting is an integral part of business growth. MIG has a highly experienced team that provides immediate results that solve your business problems and boost efficiency or innovate new products and services. The significant clients come from various fields like primary sector industries, public and private functions, light, or massive manufacturing companies.

Running a business takes time and effort. Along with that, everyday new multiple challenges arise like keeping up with changing technology, evolving customer requirements, new regulations and competition, employee issues, etc. Both internal and external factors can be challenging and make it a never-ending road to thriving. We assist the companies in diagnosing the cause of the challenges faced by them, and we provide them with a creative solution that is custom made. Our major clients come from various fields like Primary sector industries, public and private services, light, or massive manufacturing companies. We cater to them all with our team experienced in market research, strategic consulting, business expansion, and much more.

We promote your properties listed with us worldwide through our network channels and global presence. Applying the MIG strategy, the clients will be able to maximize the exposure of their wealth to foreign buyers and investors. To make passive income with real estate, we offer the most significant international database of real estate crowdfunding.

With a strong presence worldwide, we have a very generous team which will help considering an international investment property. Step one is to find an excellent real estate attorney who understands the country’s laws, especially if you’re not fluent in the local language.

We offer a wide range of services, including property management, investment management, valuation, property leasing, property sales, mortgage services, and development services, and has a global presence of your properties listed with us, operating in more than 40 countries and territories, including Europe and Latin America Middle East, and Asia. We strive to remain established as an e-marketing leader and bring together the group of investors, business experts, and people who are passionate about succeeding.

Travelling to a new country is always exciting, but a little miss-planning can ruin your trip. Whether you are planning to study abroad, taking up a vacation, or going on a business trip, MIG is committed to helping you design your dream travel plan. We have been selling delightful experiences for years through our customized holiday packages as well as other essential travel services. We want our customers to experience a hassle-free foreign trip, full of blissful memories.

MIG is not just a travel consultancy that helps you book a trip. We are your travel companion who will ensure that every little detail of your travel plan is taken care of. Our range of services includes booking of Air Tickets, Hotel Booking, Customised Travel Plan, etc. We also offer Global Visa Services with complete assistance throughout the Visa application process. Our team specializes in getting speedy Visa approvals from the authorities, thereby saving your precious time. Besides, we are also dedicated to making the documentation process more comfortable. From new passport to renewal to attestation of essential documents, we take care of it to ensure you a smooth journey.

Our MIG team of friendly and professional experts will carefully understand your needs and help you plan a trip of your choice. Your interests are important to us; hence we design a unique travel plan for each customer.

We ensure timely completion of all the mandatory requirements. For students who dream of studying medical courses in foreign universities, MIG stands by them right from the start until they get admitted to the college of their dreams and pursue medical courses in international universities. The education counsellors help aspiring Indian MBBS students throughout the admission process by focusing on being the travel partner while making every step simpler for the consumers. We stand by them directly from the beginning until they get admitted to the college of their dreams.